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Loofah Soap

Vegetable loofahs can be eaten like a food and fried up as a cucumber,

but left to dry on the vine, the fibrous inner portion is wonderful for skin exfoliation.

We infuse naturally-grown loofahs with 100% vegetable glycerine

to produce a luxury soap for washing skin effectively.  

A fantastic soap for making  your skin feel smooth!  


Available in 115gr sizes in the following scents:

 Coconut Milk(white with Bajan coconut flakes),

Barbados Blue(with Sargassum sea algae),

Lemongrass (infused with essential oils & homegrown herbs),

Bajan Rum Punch (infused with a few drops of the best stuff!)

Rum & Sugar Cane (exfoliating cane sugar crust and a few drops of Old Brigand)

Wild Orchid (intoxicating & heady scent)


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