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ADDRESS: Buddha Cottage, 39 Clerview Heights, Stage 1, St.James, Barbados, BB23031


West Indian soap co presents



Make 10 Sustainable Gifts Workshop

Sat.Nov.30th, 9.30am-1.30pm


In this 3rd year of our workshops, we have another exciting season planned!

A whirlwind Make & Take Workshop with Barbados' Soap Queen, Danielle St-Pierre,

in which you'll handmake 10 beautiful organic/sustainable gifts for giving (or keep for yourself!)

The Make 10 Sustainable Gifts Workshop for $250 includes the following products that you'll make:

1-Blue recycled wine glass candle from Buzo's wine bottles;
2-SeaSponge organic soap on wood soap dish;
3-Soap Leaves organic soap on cedar recycled roof tile;
4-Organic Lemongrass Salt Body Scrub with/wood scoop;
5-Organic Walnut & Honey Powder Body Scrub w/wood scoop;
6-Anti-oxidant Body & Hair Oil Spray in cardboard gift tube;
7-Rose Water & Petal organic body wash in cardboard gift tube;
8-Chocolate Face Mask Boxed Kit Gift (includes linen face scrubber and migraine mask)
9 & 10-Foot Care Boxed Kit Gift, Peppermint Foot Spray with infused hibiscus and Peppermint &

Hibiscus Foot Scrubber soap

The Make & Take is hosted in our very own soap kitchen,

and space is limited to 7 participants to maximise your fun and hands-on experience!

Cost is $250 per participant, and includes light refreshments such as infused spa water and gourmet artisanal snacks-fantastic value for this unique experience!

Payable in advance, hurry to secure your space!