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Guest Amenity Accessories

These disposable and inexpensive accessories 

can be added to your in-room amenities offerings,

an easy way to create an upmarket, 

spa-like ambience for your guests!

Sea Sponges

100% natural, 3"-3.5" size,

sustainably-harvested sea sponges

from the Caribbean Sea

Loofah Sponge Slices

harvested from natural vegetable loofahs that

grow on a vine like cucumbers,

these 3" diameter slices

are a natural exfoliant

Spa Cotton Sponge

waffle weave on one side

and exfoliating on the other,

3.75" diameter round

Spa Gel Eye Mask

Soothing & relaxing

for eye and sinus,

unisex fit, clear colour,

cold or hot use

Leaf Soap Confetti

Add romance or a natural Zen spa touch

to a tub or jacuzzi with our

lightly scented soap leaves,

which are light & dark green,

approximately 40 pieces per box.

Cotton Spa Slippers

one size,

with anti-slip bottoms

Makeup Remover Wipes

Save your washcloths from being

damaged by bleaching

by offering these gentle and natural wipes

Individually packaged,

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