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Fusion Salt

The Caviar of Artisanal Sea Salt....


an innovative new handmade edible product in Barbados that we launched in 2015.  

Part of our "Wild Island Trading Company" brand, we skillfully handcraft each batch,

using pure coarse grain sea salt & infused with exotic organic Caribbean ingredients. 

We have invented 8 different innovative & tantalising flavours:  

Chipotle, Cocoa Nibs & Chili

 Bombay Spice

De Lime & De Coconut

Hibiscus, Pomegranate, Goji & Maqui Berries

Smoked Mesquite Bacon & Roasted Onion

Venom Scorpion Pepper

White Rum & Coconut

Wild Ginger & Citrus Zing 


Smoked Mesquite Bacon & Roasted Onion Savoury & smoky, with a hint of sweetness, it captures the savoury, guilty pleasure of real bacon, with pure & natural sea salt.

Venom Scorpion Pepper

Venom Scorpion Pepper A truly unique fusion of the Caribbean's six hottest chili peppers that rank amongst the world's top hottest, including the world's 2nd hottest pepper, the Trinidadian Scorpion Pepper, this salt fusion is only for those daring enough that love it HOT, HOT, HOT!


White Rum & Coconut International award-winning Bajan white rum from the family-owned Four Square Distilleries, and freshly dried coconut infuses this gourmet sea salt blend with bold tropical flavour…a Caribbean original!

De Lime & De Coconut

De Lime In De Coconut The natural flavour of lime is refreshing and versatile, and the infusion of coconut and Matcha green tea makes it a Super Food to mix into burgers, egg salad, and potato salad.


Wild Ginger & Citrus Zing This artisanal blend is very diverse, having a rich taste of sweet, sour, juicy, bitter, spicy and earthy, all at the same time


Hibiscus, Pomegranate, Goji & Maqui Berries Infused with aromatic & exotic anti-oxidant Super Foods that impart a stunning tart flavour in the fusion, especially in fish and meats.


Chipotle, Chilli & Cocoa Nibs "Sweet Heat" is what this truly magnificent gourmet seasoning salt blend infuses into your food, with the heat and smoky flavour of Chipotle, the cocoa nibs imparting a slightly sweet chocolaty flavour & aroma and the red chill seeds kicking it up a notch!

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